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House launches TB Elimination Caucus

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Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) made a brief appearance Tuesday at a Congressional briefing, hosted by several TB advocacy organizations, highlighting tuberculosis and its continuation as a global health threat. He called the fact that TB hasn’t been eradicated “a sin,” and then briefly announced the newly formed U.S. House of Representatives TB Elimination Caucus – […]

Top private funder of TB R&D moves forward with trials of promising new drug

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Otsuka Pharmaceuticals is the top private funder of tuberculosis (TB) research and drug development in the world. Last year, Otsuka established a Geneva-based subsidiary – Otsuka SA – to serve as “the company’s central operations for developing and implementing public health policies and corporate social responsibility programs in connection with its global TB program,” according to the company’s website.

As part of our reporting in advance of World TB Day on Saturday (March 24), Science Speaks interviewed Patrizia Carlevaro, PhD, the leader of Otsuka SA, to discuss Otsuka’s latest research to address drug-resistant forms of TB, the world’s emerging tuberculosis “hotspots,” and other efforts by the subsidiary organization to tackle TB.