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World Malaria Day briefing highlights global killer

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To commemorate World Malaria Day, top malaria researchers came together Wednesday to present their work at a research and development event on Capitol Hill, hosted by Malaria No More.  Representatives from 20 academic and research organizations discussed the contributions American private companies, universities and research institutions are making to the fight against malaria through R&D. […]

Antiretroviral therapy as prevention: TB

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Stephen Lawn reminded the audience at the International Treatment as Prevention Workshop in Vancouver on Wednesday that antiretroviral therapy (ART) goes a long way to protect HIV-infected individuals from tuberculosis (TB). The HIV-associated TB epidemic requires “radical interventions,” according to Lawn.  “DOTS [directly observed TB therapy, short course] just isn’t doing it.” He called the […]

Evaluating the options: Elimination of pediatric infection and treatment as prevention

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Chewe Luo, a senior adviser for UNICEF, discussed efforts to eliminate vertical HIV transmission from the perspective of treatment as prevention at the International Treatment as Prevention Workshop on Wednesday in Vancouver. She acknowledged that the maternal and child health platform could be a very effective entry point for treatment as prevention and for the […]