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Breaking News: Truvada approved to help protect uninfected from HIV

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the antiretroviral drug Truvada, to be used as a preexposure preventive measure by people who, uninfected, may be exposed to the virus through HIV-positive partners. The drug previously was approved to treat people living with HIV. As a preventive measure the drug would be taken daily, by […]

Looking forward to AIDS 2012: First prisoner networking zone, the epidemic in context, getting HIV treatment to the most people and more . . .

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Justice in Prisons: Health Access, Treatment and Prevention at Prisoner Networking Zone Often coming from situations of the greatest risks for HIV, the dangers confronting prisoners are multiplied when, in overcrowded cells, lacking basic nutrition, health and hygiene and ability to protect themselves from infection, they are locked away, whether convicted or awaiting trial in […]