First House vote on key health and research funding includes deep cuts

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A House funding subcommittee voted today on a labor, health and education bill for the federal fiscal year beginning October 1 holding funding of some programs steady and enacting punishing cuts to others.  The vote, which flat funded biomedical research at the National Institutes of Health and reduced overall funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by a stunning 11 percent, was completely along party lines with no Democrats supporting the bill.  In June, the Senate funding committee voted on a bill with significantly more generous funding for health programs.

At press time, the funding level for the CDC Division for TB Elimination remains unclear. Stay tuned for further updates.  There is little prospect that this legislation will become law as it is widely believed that final funding decisions for fiscal year 2013 for health and most other federal programs will be made through high level negotiations with the House and Senate leadership and the White House in the context of a post-election so called “lame duck session” of Congress.


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