Romney urges support for global AIDS fight, and “those who are least able to help themselves”

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“We must overcome the global challenge of AIDS,” a statement released yesterday from presidential candidate Mitt Romney says. He notes that the epidemic is “indiscriminate,” takes “young and old,” leaves women and orphans,” and often affects “those least able to help themselves.”
     He notes “significant progress,” the need for for more, and says America must continue to be “a beacon of hope for innovative research and support in overcoming the global challenge of AIDS.”
   No mention of how or how much, and how or if to help these people he says can’t help themselves. It is an 82-word statement, so one can only expect so much.
    This perhaps underscores, however, why, in an uncertain economic and political landscape, global health advocates are anxious to see a plan on paper. 
     Would Romney wish to see health systems and economic opportunities strengthened that will allow universal access to treatment for infected individuals and other evidence-based technologies, in other countries? That is some of what research has found will be needed to support successful implementation of scientific advances. 
   We await comments from President Obama, who will extend videotaped greetings to conference-goers, and from Secetary of State Clinton, who will speak at the conference.

One thought on “Romney urges support for global AIDS fight, and “those who are least able to help themselves”

  1. Haruna Baba Jibril

    This is a clear indication of how American politics and economics has become intertwined with health issues in developing nations. Some times this becomes a deciding factor between life and death for many affected individuals in these nations. America therefore has a unique opportunity at this conference to state unambiguously the level of support it is honestly going to continue to give in support of global health(with closure of the Global Health Office) and also stand firmly by its commitments ot this course. President Obama mus not fail these needy countires in times of most need. Romney will do well to be more specific on his stand on this issue .


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