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Blueprint: Dr. Myron Cohen on treatment as prevention and other essential elements of a global AIDS plan

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Dr. Myron S. Cohen is the architect and principal investigator of the multinational HPTN 052 trial, which demonstrated that antiretroviral treatment prevents the sexual transmission of HIV-1. This work was recognized by Science Magazine as the “Breakthrough of the Year” in 2011. His research focuses on the transmission and prevention of transmission of HIV, and […]

The largest agency in global health, spreading word of home-grown research, a look at the Global Health Initiative’s life — and afterlife, and more . . .

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The U.S. Department of Defense and Global Health: It is the oldest agency in the United States, has a reach that extends effectively to all countries, is involved in health service delivery and health research, but is not budgeted as a global health agency, nor is global health considered its mission. All the same, the […]