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After a tumultuous few years the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is nearing completion of, at least, the first phases of a makeover, with the framework for a new funding model agreed upon at its September board meeting, and details of the model to be decided at the next, Nov. 14-15 board meeting. In the meantime, questions raised before and during the process remain: Will changes to the model compromise the central Global Fund tenet of supporting country-driven responses? Will the new model address the conflicts of interest that have been raised by civil society organizations in developing countries? Will its initial method of funding diseases, based on historical allocations put new technologies and strategies to diagnose and treat tuberculosis out of reach?

Two organizations are supplying  platforms to discuss and seek answers to some of those.

Global Fund watchdog Aidspan, which publishes  the Global Fund Observer, has launched a discussion page with summaries of the Global Fund’s  “Evolving the Funding Model” paper, with commentary and posted discussion topics to which readers can respond.

The Center for Global Development has launched a Global Fund Forum where Global Fund watchers will weigh in on the new model and invite dialogue on their posts through the comment section.

And, as we wait to see how the new model will address challenges in accounting, and accountability that led to a series of grant freezes and suspensions, this IRIN story takes a look at the ongoing issues hobbling efforts in Uganda.

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