The future of WHO, making global health gains last, medicine on an empty stomach and more . . .

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Future of World Health Organization hangs in the balance: With financing shortfalls — and efforts to address them continue to hobble the organization founded to respond to health on a global scale as a human right, its mission is threatened. This BMJ article looks at what went wrong, and the changes in funding and governance that will be necessary for WHO to continue to play a relevant role in global health issues.

Global engagement for health could achieve better results
: “Health is more than a medical issue,” this Lancet comment says, looking at the opportunities global health responders can take on together as they move beyond Millenium Development Goals.

Caregiving as a moral experience: Read this essay by psychiatrist and Harvard medical anthropology professor Arthur Kleinman on the neglect of caregiving in modern medicine in spite of “how central caregiving is to what it means to be human” in light of efforts to bring treatment to those living with HIV and TB around the world. It is one more way to reassess the role of those who bathe, feed and bring medicine to their neighbors, playing the pivotal roles in any successful treatment program, while receiving only token recognition and support.

Surviving on an empty stomach in South Africa: As a practical illustration of the point above, this story from South Africa of a woman who asks “How can I start ARVs on an empty stomach when I rely on other people for food?” underscores how knowing the communities where health responses meet reality can shape appropriate efforts.

Power to the patients: The story of how the patent granted to Roche for a drug to treat hepatitis C was overturned, making the medicine accessible on the scale necessary has a link to the text of the legal order, explaining why the patients won.


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