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You may have noticed in recent weeks Science Speaks has a new look, and some new moving parts. With our content continuing to focus on breaking news and analysis of science and policy propelling the U.S. response to global HIV and TB epidemics, we’ve updated our design to help you find everything Science Speaks offers – whether it is the latest news, our most popular posts, our conference coverage, or a comprehensive look at HIV, TB, Research or Policy developments.

Our new design is geared to be responsive, accessible and easy on the eyes – on desktop, tablet, mobile and printed page – to fit all the ways our readers consume online information.

We’ve aimed for a straightforward and navigable layout consolidating the lineups of our latest and most recent posts as well as our subscription and search options. At the same time, we added features to get you quickly to our live blog archive, our latest news in four major categories, and to draw attention to posts we consider must-reads.

It’s a work in progress; more changes are on the way. In the meantime, in addition to a streamlined layout of new and most recent posts on the left, here’s what we have:

Looking for something?

In addition to consolidating our general search options at the top, we’ve added a couple of ways to find specific categories of content.

On the top right, our new featured post box rotates recent pieces on pivotal developments and exclusive coverage, and will be updated regularly.

Under the featured posts, click the arrows on our Live Blog Archive, and flip through the global health and science conferences we’ve covered since we began, breaking news of discoveries and policies in treatment, cure, microbicide and vaccine research at  International AIDS Conferences,  as well as regional implementers and scientists conferences around the world.

Under the Live Blog Archive, you’ll find links to the Center for Global Health Policy’s most recent fact sheet, and to all the Center’s fact sheets and publications.

Check out our latest fact sheets on TB-HIV co-infection and HIV treatment.

Focus: It’s all about HIV, TB, Research and Development, and Policy

Whether we’re writing about a clinical trial in South Africa, a physician’s challenges in the Philippines, public health obstacles in the Ukraine, or budget negotiations on Capitol Hill, our coverage focuses on four major areas of challenge and response in global health:  HIV, TB, Research and Development and Policy. The most recent posts in each of those areas are in the four boxes running the width of our homepage. Click on the category name, and you will get all of our coverage in that category.

You can still type a word into the search box at the top for a subject search, or pull down our category menu, and find all our coverage of a topic, or sub topic. If you want to see coverage of the intersection of policy, health and human rights, for example, pull the menu down to policy, and scroll down.  You’ll also find links to our projects including a series of Q&As with experts, reflections on 30 years of AIDS, and our recent series on PEPFAR’s Blueprint.

To come:

We will continue to build the blog with a page to browse our projects, as well as more about us and what we do. We would appreciate your input and feedback.

And, if you’re not already, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more of the latest news and analysis on global HIV and TB from our team.

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