“Baby steps,” preparing for the advent of a vaccine, Kenya looks at “MARPS” approach: We’re reading about the future, and more . . .

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NewWWRBaby Steps on the Road to HIV Eradication – The publication of the case of the Mississippi baby who has appeared to be ridded of HIV by early aggressive antiretroviral treatment provided the opportunity not just for a cute headline, but for researchers to follow the suggestions raised by the report, to seek ways to eradicate or reduce the reservoir of virus that has stood in the way of a cure.

How to prepare for an HIV/AIDS Vaccine – While promising developments restored hopes in recent years that an at least partially effective vaccine against HIV could be on the way, optimists still project the earliest mass delivery of one at a good 10 years away. That time would be well spent preparing, the experts interviewed for this article say, noting the need for policies, public education, an ensured supply among the issues that must be addressed before a vaccine is rolled out. Experts also agree that focusing on making the vaccine available to populations that face the highest impact from the epidemic with the lowest access to services, including men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, people involved in commercial sex transactions, will be important.

Bias Against Sex Workers Holds Back HIV Campaign – This article highlights continuing obstacles to reaching those populations that are highly impacted by HIV and who have low access to services, not the least of which can be seen in wording and sentiments of the Kenya National AIDS Council official who, while stressing the need to confront discrimination, feels pressed to remark, “We do not condone their practice, but we are also aware that the constitution gives everyone equal right to access health services.”

Book Review – Medicine in Africa: the problems and promises – This review of the medical textbook, Principles of Medicine in Africa gives a concise and compelling summing up of the health challenges faced across the continent, and points out that more than half of the book’s chapters are devoted to infections,

Collaboration key in health gains, Clinton says – As former President Bill Clinton, World Bank President and Partners in Health co-founder Jim Yong Kim, former World Health Organization director Gro Harlem Brundtland were recognized by Harvard’s School of Public Health for their work, Clinton pointed out that global health endeavors have led to exceptional results because they were supported by collaborations. That’s the only way to do it, he said, The article quotes him, “The only question is what kind of future we want to share.”

Global innovation award for HIVSmart self-screening strategy and app – Dr. Nitika Pant Pai led a study looking at  obstacles keeping people from learning if they are infected with the HIV. Now she and her team have been recognized for developing a strategy and app to facilitate self-testing.

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