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UNAIDS HIV data update, Sec. Kerry revisits disabilities treaty, TB treatment advocates wait for bedaquiline trial: What we’re reading is a stroll down memory lane

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Sec. Kerry on the Convention of the Rights of People With Disabilities – Remember last year when the Senate chose not to ratify a treaty to help protect the rights of disabled people around the world? We noted it here at the time, because it’s a human rights issue, because it also is one that […]

HIV, TB, Malaria, Neglected Tropical Diseases: An International Infectious Disease Reporting Contest awards on-the-ground views of harm reduction, co-infection, living in sickness and silence, and more

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A nurse and a drug dealer make a deal to get clean needles to injecting drug users in a Tanzania slum, confronting HIV and TB where they thrive. The result is powerful, and the story of how and why they work together, The Street of Blood and Smoke, gives an in-depth, inspiring, and informative look […]