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Dr. Robert Gallo on HIV, Polio, Influenza and why he started the Global Virus Network: “Humans have a memory span of 30 years, and I can prove it”

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Listening to Robert Gallo talk about viruses is a little like listening to your grandfather talk about how things have changed since he was a boy. He rambles, ruminates, digresses, is in no hurry, and you listen. It’s not just that Gallo, who pioneered the field of retrovirology at the National Institutes of Health with […]

HIV, TB, Malaria and other infectious diseases raise demand for new diagnostic tools

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The sudden fever that a Ugandan farmer fell ill with could have been a death sentence, as Beth Bell of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, described it at a Capitol Hill briefing last week. That’s because in rural Uganda, which Bell referred to as a “hot zone for emerging infectious diseases,” you can’t […]

AVAC: HIV vaccine, microbicides, PrEP trial results say reality must guide research

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For all the graphics illustrating results of HIV prevention trials in recent years, the Venn diagram on the cover of Research & Reality, the report released by AVAC today, may be the one that depicts the sum of their findings. Which is really saying something, when one considers the up-and-down nature of prevention research results […]