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NewWWRHIV on a Dangerous Threshold in Sri Lanka – The Indian Ocean island nation was considered a “low-prevalence country,” this article says, but is facing a “much more explosive and complex situation — the risk of an epidemic within high risk groups.” High-risk groups, the article goes on to clarify, means populations at high risk for discriminatory abuse, neglect, and remaining uncounted. They include men who have sex with men, children of HIV-positive parents and injecting drug users. Efforts to reach these populations all are compromised by restrictive laws and practices, the article says.

HIV-positive nurse tried by media – This release from AIDS-free World tells the story of Ugandan HIV-positive nurse Rosemary Namubiru, accused of exposing a child to HIV while administering an injection. A a frightening story of bad justice and bad journalism, it has even more frightening ramifications, with local advocates concerned the outcome of the case could be used by Uganda Parliamentarians to justify passing the proposed HIV Prevention and AIDS Control Bill. The bill includes sections on criminalizing HIV transmission, and restricting the rights of people living with HIV. The bill is presently with the Parliament’s Health Committee, which will issue a report and put it to debate, a coordinator with the International Community of Women Living with HIV Eastern Africa writes. More on the bill is on the Uganda Network on Law Ethics and HIV AIDS website.

HIV Interventions also needed behind bars – The point of this Manila-datelined article, actually, is that HIV interventions are especially needed behind bars, but reporters don’t write the headlines. It looks at prison conditions and factors leading to imprisonment, that lead to HIV prevalence in prisons being up to 50 times that of the general populations. A new one to Science Speaks was the observation that in some Thai prisons, women are incarcerated with men, for lack of space.

Donny Reyes: ‘Most crimes against LGBT people are lost in limbo’ – This Feb. 7 MSMGF blog post celebrates the work of Donny Reyes, a finalist for the David Kato Vision Voice Award. Reyes is director of Asociacion Arcoiris (Rainbow Association) a Honduran human rights group that has seen crimes against gay and transgender people accelerate and go uninvestigated as the political turmoil of the country intensified.

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