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WHO’s PQP: How affordable antiretroviral and other treatments owe much to “little known part of WHO” reliant on two funders

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In 1999, a small South Africa study revealed disturbing news about a medicine used in first line directly observed therapy for tuberculosis:  it contained the right amount of the most essential ingredient but testing showed it was not being absorbed into patients’ systems. If the small study was representative of what was happening on a […]

PrEP should be looked at as “critical component” to address HIV among men who have sex with men, review concludes

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In a “truly watershed period for lesbian gay bisexual and transgender rights and freedoms,” in the global north, the few prevention methods that work for men who have sex with men need to rapidly be taken to scale, particularly pre-exposure prophylaxis, Dr. Chris Beyrer writes in a new piece published in Current Opinions in Infectious […]