Nigeria Day of Action, Washington, DC: Protesters gather at Nigeria Embassy

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Speakers: “Homophobia is a Western import, homosexuality is not”


About 50 protesters gathered this morning outside the Nigeria Embassy, to ask the Nigerian government to rescind the anti-homosexuality law passed last year and signed into law in early January by President Goodluck Jonathan. The law has been denounced by human rights, global health and government leaders around the world, and across Africa. Sanctioning extreme human rights abuses and imprisonment of people suspected of being gay, and those supporting them, the law incapacitates efforts to address the nation’s HIV epidemic, the second largest in the world and one of few continuing to grow, in Africa.

“We should also not forget our LGBT friends who are also suffering in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, The Gambia, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, and The Congo.” Jane Wothaya, Kenya, Human Rights Campaign, in front of Nigeria Embassy today





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