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Nigeria Global Day of Action brings out protesters around the world

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The Nigerian Embassy in Washington, DC is nestled in a cul-de-sac, amidst the Embassy of Malaysia and the Embassy of Brunei, about a half mile from the nearest Metro station or bus stop, so when about 50 sign-carrying, rainbow flag-waving people protesting the country’s new anti-gay law showed up there at 11 a.m. Friday, it […]

CROI 2014: With HIV treatment lag for men, life expectancy gender gap widens

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BOSTON, MASS. – When antiretroviral treatment finally came to rural South Africa, it led to one of the fastest life expectancy recoveries in public health history. But men did not benefit equally, according to data presented Thursday by Till Barnighausen from the Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies and the Harvard School of Public […]

CROI 2014: HIV self-testing yields promise in first year of Malawi rollout

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BOSTON, MASS – In the first year that residents in Blantyre, Malawi were offered the option to test for HIV through home, or self-test kits, available through community health worker distribution, vending machines, over the counter in pharmacies and in grocery stores, 76 percent of those given the opportunity to self test took it, and […]