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Homophobia’s costs to health, economies are subject of World Bank event

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When Luiz Loures saw his first AIDS case in 1982, treatment didn’t exist, and discrimination against LGBT people was rampant. He faced weeks when he could not leave the hospital because he could not count on his stigmatized patients receiving care. Today, medical responses have progressed, but the impact of homophobia remains: “We know how […]

HIV doctors, nurses to Obama: Redirect funds, protect patients, providers threatened by Nigeria and Uganda anti-gay laws

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More than 900 physicians, researchers, nurses and other health care workers from institutions, facilities and organizations tackling HIV around the world sent a letter to President Obama today expressing horror over anti-homosexuality laws recently passed in Uganda and Nigeria and urging the president to follow words condemning the laws with action. The new laws in […]

Kerry defends President’s FY 15 global health budget before House subcommittee

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“I do believe we’ll be able to meet the target and meet our goals,” Secretary of State John Kerry told a House subcommittee Thursday, answering a question about global health provisions in President Obama’s fiscal 2015  budget. In a hearing of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State and Foreign Operations, Kerry lauded U.S. aims and […]