Birx confirmed as PEPFAR leader by voice vote

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BREAKING NEWS: New Global AIDS Ambassador at Large is first woman to hold the post

birxThe Senate this evening confirmed the nomination of Dr. Deborah Birx, filling the post to lead the world’s largest health program with a career physician researcher who has headed two previous international AIDS programs. Dr. Deborah Birx comes to the post from CDC’s Global AIDS Program and previously led the United States Military HIV Research Program.

Widely praised by global health advocates, Dr. Birx led efforts to introduce PEPFAR-sponsored rollout of life-saving medicines to the sites in Africa where the Military HIV Research Program worked, and spearheaded the launch of the first clinical research trials to show proof of concept that an HIV-preventing vaccine was possible.

The post of United States AIDS Coordinator has been vacant since Ambassador Eric Goosby stepped down Nov. 1. Goosby won Senate confirmation June 22, 2009 and took office after being sworn in Sept. 18, 2009.

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  4. Jane Whittaker

    All policemen and women and firefighters should have access to both plastic face shields and masks, the same as our health professionals. They are directly in the line of infection as they do their duties on the streets and in public.

    If this is not being considered, it must be. I am a senior retired R.N., and even military performing acts for our nation to “Saty Safe!” Living in the county surrounding Houston, several of the police force have succumbed to Covid 19.

    These persons should not, again, be forgotten in their heroic jobs.


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