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Ugandan nurse Rosemary Namubiru faces three years in prison, while charge against her remains misreported, misunderstood

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Local advocate calls ruling a legal precedent to stigmatize and discriminate against people living with HIV Rosemary Namubiru, a nurse in her mid-60s living with HIV, who was charged with criminal negligence after a workplace accident involving an injection, was sentenced to three years in prison in a Ugandan court today. According to people in […]

Schistosomiasis: how a theory brings HIV, a parasite, the price of pills and the demand for evidence together

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The possibility that a parasitic worm could be contributing to HIV’s disproportionate impact on women in Africa has been considered long enough, and taken seriously enough to inspire the optimistic title of this 2009  editorial, “Africa’s 32 Cents Solution for HIV/AIDS.” The idea that schistosomiasis, often picked up during childhood through a freshwater-borne parasite prevalent […]