TAG’s TB drug guide aims to equip activists

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ActivistsGuideWhile the impact of tuberculosis grew over the last decades of the 20th century, with drug resistant forms of the disease and HIV fueling its spread and slowing cures, the drugs used to treat TB have not changed. Bedaquiline and delaminid are the only new TB drugs to have been approved in over forty years, and are used to treat TB in combination with older drugs that have seen limited research on safety and efficacy.

In the Activist’s Guide to TB Drugs, the Treatment Action Group summarizes safety and efficacy information for drugs currently in use to treat tuberculosis, whether those drugs are specifically for TB treatment or for other diseases but are also used to treat TB.

Explicating details on classes of drugs, to regulatory standings, and potential TB and HIV drug interactions, the guide also provides advocacy recommendations for those who would change things, noting, that they “can contribute to the development and uptake of improved TB  treatment by calling attention to research, quality of medications, and access priorities.”

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