Transgender sex workers, male sex workers, a call for a Global Fund review of “key population” programming, and an American organization exports hate . . . We’re reading about needs, rights and wrongs

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nswptransThe Needs and Rights of Trans Sex Workers – With high prevalence of HIV, targeted for violence, often living undocumented and having fled their countries of origin to escape even greater threats, transgender sex workers face tremendous health risks and vulnerabilities, but find health care inaccessible or harmful, this briefing paper from the Global Network of Sex Projects says. Examining legal, economic, cultural and programming abuses “at what can be described as an intersection of whorephobia and transphobia,” the paper presents needs and barriers as expressed by transgender sex workers in groups and through questionnaires.

The Needs and Rights of Male Sex Workers – Assumed to be gay, or to identify as gay, male sex workers face additional challenges accessing appropriate health information and services, while also facing exceptional vulnerabilities to HIV, violence and imprisonment. Another briefing paper from the Global Network of Sex Projects examines challenges, advocacy and activism on the part of male sex workers with an eye to educating policy makers and program leaders.

The Global FundManaging the risk of human rights violations in Global Fund-supported programs – You’ll find a link in the text to the meeting report from a May 22-23 session in Geneva on Managing the risk of human rights violations in Global Fund-supported programs, as well as a plea to stand up for populations at highest risk and least access to services, and not let their rights be trampled in the name of health. Among the abuses addressed in the report are drug detention centers as well as sex worker and gay “rehabilitation” programs.

Exposed: The World Congress of Families – While vulnerable and marginalized populations around the world support each other in finding health and rights protections, the publication from the Human Rights Campaign examines “An American Organization Exporting Hate,” in Russia, Eastern Europe, Australia, Africa — and at home.

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