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PEPFAR’s South Africa “transition”: Nearly 20 percent of patients went unaccounted for when care was transferred, study finds

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Survey finding gaps in care, records during transfer of patients from PEPFAR-supported program to community-based clinics comes as new report cites need for data The patients who went to the Sinikithemba HIV clinic at McCord Hospital in Durban for antiretroviral treatment knew the value of the care they received; they paid for it. In turn, […]

Malawi advocacy network brings change to country’s healthcare system

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When the Malawi Health Equity Network was formed in 2000, the health sector in that country was on the brink of collapse because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Brain drain had caused a serious shortage of health care workers, and those who couldn’t afford to leave also couldn’t afford an education. To deal with this crisis, […]

Uganda Anti Homosexuality Act: Overturned on a technicality, it leaves questions

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When a Uganda high court overturned the Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2014 on constitutional grounds today, it wasn’t because of the law’s conflict with human rights. It was because parliamentary procedure requiring a quorum to pass a new law hadn’t been observed. That was the same reason President Yoweri Museveni gave for what appeared to be […]