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Obama at CDC on Ebola: Describing “a potential threat to global security that has profound effects on all of us,” President announces scaled up government-wide strategy

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The number of people infected with Ebola could rapidly grow from the thousands now counted and uncounted, to tens of thousands, and then to hundreds of thousands, President Obama said at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Ga today, as he announced a more intensive and strategic U.S. response to the […]

PrEP for sex workers in Kenya, HIV and contraception research, Uganda a gay-friendly tourist destination? . . . We’re reading about approaches with promise

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State to buy sex workers HIV prevention drugs – This article, topped by a photo that tells its own story, backs into the description of a promising plan unpromisingly (“Kenyan taxpayers will have to part with approximately Sh4 billion [4 billion Kenyan shillings] annually to provide sex workers with a daily HIV and AIDS prevention […]