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IDWeek 2014: Health infrastructure gaps drive Ebola crisis

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The picture depicts a grim scene – a derelict room in a clinic furnished by a cot and a bucket; a blood splatter on the floor. The blood, from an Ebola patient’s gastrointestinal hemorrhage, was there for days after that patient’s death, Rob Fowler said today during an IDWeek presentation. Fowler showed the picture and […]

90 – 90 – 90: Chris Collins of UNAIDS breaks down the math, and the meaning

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Remember “3 by 5,” the World Health Organization articulated goal of getting life-saving antiretroviral treatment to three million people in low-and-middle income countries by 2005? It became “3 by 7” — 2007 before treatment available in wealthy countries since the mid-1990s fell within the reach of those three million less fortunate people. But the goal, […]