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CROI 2015: Is 90-90-90 nutty? Studies look at numbers behind getting in care, staying in care, suppressing virus, controlling HIV

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From the reasons to work with sex workers, to a survey of viral load, to ways to do more with less — and what donors can forget about — last morning of science conference looks at efficiencies and impact . . . Can efforts to prevent and treat HIV among sex workers alter the course of […]

CROI 2015: Findings on PEPFAR abstinence and faithfulness results bring no surprise

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SEATTLE, WA – A review of surveys in 22 countries where the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief spent about $1.3 billion to urge populations to abstain from sex until marriage and stay faithful to one partner showed no evidence the messages had any impact on behavior or HIV risks, findings from a study presented […]

CROI 2015: Trial results boost evidence early ART plus IPT preserves health

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SEATTLE, WA – Results from the French-sponsored Temprano clinical trial in Cote d’lvoire presented here Wednesday show that immediate HIV treatment and six months of isoniazid preventive therapy dramatically and independently decrease the risk of severe illness, especially tuberculosis, in persons with HIV infection. The study, conducted in nine health centers in Abidjan from March 2008 […]