Secret trade negotiations have life-threatening side effects . . . We’re reading about the Trans-Pacific Partnership

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NewWWRHelp us fix the TPP – Médecins Sans Frontières depends on access to affordable drugs to balance the odds against people in places where life-saving treatment is scarce. The international humanitarian organization, which has a record of recognizing and responding to health threats others have ignored, explains in a video here how the lengthy and unjustifiable patent protections in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal are bad for global health, and tells how you can weigh in on them.

Call for transparency in new generation trade deals – What would a trade deal look like if all of the affected interests had a seat at the negotiating table? It wouldn’t look like the Trans-Pacific partnership, the 27 physicians who signed this letter in The Lancet say. They point out that the deal would protect pharmaceutical company monopolies on medicines, put appropriate and effective treatments out of reach for the poorest people and further widen health inequities both within and between countries.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: An interview with Judit Rius – This 2013 interview with Judit Rius of Médecins Sans Frontières breaks down the issues global health access advocates have with the TPP, and how the deal could prevent countries from responding to their own public health needs.

TPP and Access to Medicines – Imagine a trade deal that encouraged innovation and access to the advances yielded by innovation. Public Citizen supplies the fact sheets and analyses here to show how that could happen, but isn’t as the TPP stands now.

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