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Young women and HIV: What makes this time different? Panel reflects on failures, “DREAMS”

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If you are listening to speakers representing U.S. leadership of global AIDS responses, usually you are likely to hear about the great success of efforts to prevent mother to child transmission of HIV, as evidenced by more than a million babies born uninfected with the virus, thanks to the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. […]

Self-testing for HIV in low-income, high-incidence countries could save money, could improve outcomes . . . but it’s complicated, analysis finds

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Introducing self-testing in a country like Zimbabwe, where HIV incidence is high, resources to confront HIV are limited, and only about half the people who live with HIV know they have the virus, could save about $75 million over the next 20 years, with some health benefits, besides. That would make the self-testing more cost-effective […]