A research renaissance, the landscape and the art of science . . . We’re catching up on research for HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

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NewWWRDefeating the Virus – Why a vaccine is necessary, why the quest is complicated, and why different approaches are yielding promising signs are all addressed in this Scientist Magazine piece by International AIDS Vaccine Initiative Chief Scientific Officer Wayne C. Koff.

The Trimer Transformed – If you are not a scientist, and if your first obstacle to understanding HIV vaccine research is picturing what the scientists are talking about, this article in IaviReport might help. Focusing on one artist’s work to illustrate a virus that is “a fragile virus in many ways, still so robust and so difficult . . . very evil but a beautiful-looking thing as well,” the article is illustrated with photos of her “Window to the future of an HIV vaccine,” as well as other works illustrating the science of disease prevention.

AIDS Vaccine Research: An overview – Another way to picture the intricacies of AIDS vaccine science is with this overview from AVAC, showing the diversity of concepts and the current clinical trials. The graphic, which explains the reasoning behind different approaches to vaccine strategy is part of AVAC’s HIV Vaccine Awareness Day toolkit.

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