Time to cut AIDS research? a Senator said so, but a doctor explains why not, while study shows how health care could be delivered . . . We’re reading how progress can lead to success

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NewWWRGlobal AIDS report showed risks of abandoning progress – This commentary by Dr. Kenneth Mayer, Medical Research Director and Co-Chair of The Fenway Institute and co-chair of the IDSA Center for Global Health Policy (which produces this blog) is an incisive response to lagging support for global HIV funding, including a suggestion from Sen. Bill Cassidy last week dollars for HIV research be cut. The senator, who seemed to be saying that the world has come so close to winning the fight against AIDS that it may as well quit, as well as those following his logic, can ponder the numbers — of HIV prevalence and new infections worldwide that Mayer notes here, as well as the human costs of stopping short of success that Mayer also describes.

How to beat HIV – This Nature article thoroughly describes an approach to healthcare so basic that it seems odd to call it innovative, but it is in fact a trial. The SEARCH — Sustainable East Africa Research in Community Health  — trial seeks to address obstacles to HIV diagnosis, prevention and care in ways that could have a long awaited and meaningful impact.

The HIV epidemic can be stopped – This accompanying editorial in Nature notes that the financial investment needed to end the global threat of AIDS may seem overwhelming, but the long term returns of what that investment can earn has been clearly and overwhelmingly established.

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