IAS 2015: WHO offers “sneak peek” at treatment guidelines, including treatment for all

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Science Speaks is covering the International AIDS Society 2015 Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment & Prevention in Vancouver, British Columbia from July 19-22, with reporting on breaking news and presentations from leading clinicians and researchers.

VANCOUVER, Canada – Treatment eligibility for everyone diagnosed with HIV without a wait for the virus to damage their immune systems, the option of treatment initiation for all pregnant women with HIV, integration of new options for first line treatment were among changes that will be spelled out in the next World Health Organization guidelines for HIV treatment globally, agency representatives said today at a pre-opening session today.

The guidelines, informed by clinical trial findings as well as observational evidence in recent years that immediate access to antiretroviral treatment protects reduces rates of serious illness and death without increases in adverse effects or leaving care, and also prevents transmission of the virus, are set to be released in December.

The session, at which WHO representatives also unveiled new HIV testing guidelines, also included insights into plans to integrate self-testing for HIV into future guidelines.

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