Harm reduction and an AIDS-free generation, sex work research, and sustainable development goals . . . We’re reading about the inextricable ties of health and human rights

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NewWWRHarm Reduction and the Global HIV Epidemic – Looking at access to health and harm reduction services in five countries where HIV epidemics intersect with injecting drug use, this report from amfAR points out that “an AIDS-free generation” would need to include everyone, but that most current national policies don’t. Examining the extent to which Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Ukraine and Vietnam have adopted and maintained World Health Organization-recommended measures to reduce harms stemming from injection drug use, the report calls on donors, policy makers, civil society and national governments to fill gaps and confront obstacles still standing between critical services and people who inject drugs.

Sex Work is Work – Research has shown that when people who earn their income through sex work can work without fear of police action and draw upon each other for support, their access to health services and ability to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases improves. This 14th edition of Research for Sex Work aimed at sex workers, health workers, researchers, nonprofit organization staff and policymakers focuses on how recognizing the “work” aspect of sex work helps make responses to health and legal needs more relevant and less likely to lead to unintended damaging consequences.

An Introduction to Health and Human Rights Journal’s SDG Series – When world leaders meet to hammer out their goals for a healthier and more equitable planet later this month, attention to human rights — efforts to ensure they are observed, and acknowledgement of where they are neglected — will be critical to setting meaningful targets. The series in Health and Human Rights Journal introduced here examines TB treatment and sexual and reproductive health service access, universal health coverage, impacts of climate change, occupational safety, and child survival and how they should be addressed in Sustainable Development Goals.

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