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On sexual minorities, development, and Uganda and more, Barney Frank notes: “You didn’t tell me to mind my own business when I was pushing for a billion dollars in debt relief . . .”

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“One of the little lies that people tell is, ‘Oh, I don’t like to say I told you so,’” former Rep. Barney Frank reflected Wednesday, before adding with decided relish, “Everyone likes to say I told you so. It’s one of the pleasures that improves with age.” One of possibly many times the outspoken and […]

Global health is currency for peace and security, say panelists

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“It’s very difficult to have a health policy discussion in the foreign policy arena,” U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator Ambassador Deborah Birx said. “Health is not mentioned, power and security are.” But they are the same thing, speakers reiterated at a Washington, DC event Monday. Rear Admiral Tom Cullison, who served in the Mekong Delta during […]

HIV fighters look ahead to “Heartbreak Hill” and reclaimed dreams

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With opportunities to end the HIV pandemic demanding more resources and resolve than ever, a gathering of those in it for the long haul urge final sprint The right things in the right places at the right time came together for Fortunata Kasege in 1997, when she came to the United States from her home in […]