A progress report, a plan and a problem without borders . . . It’s all about following through — we’re reading about confronting tuberculosis

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NewWWRWhen my brother got TB, doctors said there was no hope. How could that be? – This story has both a harrowing narrative and a basic primer on the recent history of tuberculosis (recent being just the last century and a half) that come together as a powerful argument for a coordinated, systematized, goal-driven, patient-centered plan of response to drug resistant tuberculosis. Showing the impact of an ancient disease in a modern and and well resourced setting, it illustrates the need for a plan that includes research and development, access to medicines and ambition. Fortunately, the White House unveiled one at the end of the year. Unfortunately, it failed to match the ambition of the plan with a call for funding to match. This article by the sister of a man fighting extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis paints a picture of the torture that an illness can inflict when it has been made worse by failures to follow through with the steps necessary to conquer it.

Progress report on promises made to improve South Africa’s health services – Has South Africa followed through on plans to confront its most significant health threats, including HIV and TB coinfection? This interview with public health, medicine and medical response academic leaders examines actions and results that made a difference.

Statement of UN Special Envoy on Tuberculosis Eric P. Goosby on the Release of the President’s FY2017 Budget – Following the presentation of a White House budget last week that proposed a debilitating cut to tuberculosis responses, former U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator and now UN Special Envoy on Tuberculosis Ambassador Eric P. Goosby counts the reasons that resources to fight TB matter now more than ever from Marion, Alabama, to the increasing speed with which global public health threats that include Ebola and Zika virus has spread, to a plan, recently put forward by the same administration now facing the real prospect of becoming no more “than words on a page.”

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