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Ill-informed, ineffective, discriminatory, and ideological, drug policies became prescription for public health disaster(s), report details

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The goal was “A drug-free world.” The certainty was “we can do it!” And behind the goal and the certainty was a view that illicit drugs threaten “the health and wellbeing of all mankind.” The setting was the 1998 U.N. General Assembly Special Assembly on drugs, late enough in the decades-long and ongoing international “war […]

Global health spending is up but at slower pace than during “golden age” of development assistance

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While the Obama Administration has requested the most funding yet for global health in its proposed budget for fiscal year 2017, the request reflects what continues to be a major slowdown of development assistance for health. Since 2010 total development assistance for health has grown only by one percent per year, compared to an 11.3 percent […]