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From a human-scented mosquito trap to rapid diagnostics, USAID funds research and development against Zika

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Agency picks 21 of 900 ideas from around the world A research center in Tanzania will develop inexpensive sandals treated to ward off mosquito bites. Investigators at Johns Hopkins will create a human-scented trap to lure mosquitoes. In Sao Paolo, Brazil, inventors will make an “intelligent trap” for mosquitoes to improve Zika surveillance. A San […]

While “August is the new September” in accelerated Zika vaccine quest, funding gap could slow momentum, Fauci says

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The first of a planned 80 participants was enrolled Tuesday in a trial to test the initial safety and immune-response-prompting potential for a vaccine candidate to protect against Zika virus infection, with hopes to yield results that will lead to further, larger scale testing beginning in January 2017, Dr. Anthony Fauci said today. The Aug. 1 […]