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Review: Opioid substitution therapy access with HIV care improves antiretroviral treatment outcomes for people who inject drugs

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From starting treatment, to sticking with it, to suppressing virus, from the United States to Ukraine, services that support dual needs of people who inject drugs and live with HIV pay off, a look at 32 studies spanning two decades finds A systematic analysis of studies examining the impacts on antiretroviral treatment goals of access to […]

Leaders launch “a super-fast-track framework for ending AIDS among children, adolescents and young women by 2020”

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It all comes down to math, science, policies, people on the ground and resources to support them Global health leaders gathered on Capitol Hill Wednesday to announce a new set of HIV response goals and to say with an increasingly familiar blend of optimism and realism that while the work that is needed to stop […]

WHO HIV guidelines adopted last where they would make the biggest difference, study finds

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Analysis of national policies also notes that implementation lag also leads to missed prevention and life-saving opportunities When the World Health Organization issued an early update to its HIV treatment guidelines in September 2015, the new recommendations drew on years of mounting evidence that immediate antiretroviral treatment for people diagnosed with the virus saves lives, […]