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47th Union World Conference on Lung Health: Final data backs early findings, WHO recommendations, showing shorter MDR TB treatment course working better

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LIVERPOOL, England – Presenting results today of a nine month treatment regimen that led to an 82 percent cure rate among 1006 patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, researchers called their findings a breakthrough that can support countries in adopting shorter, more effective and potentially less damaging treatment for TB that is resistant to more than one first […]

47th Union World Conference on Lung Health: Even “free” TB treatment can come with catastrophic costs

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LIVERPOOL, England – Even before the costs of getting diagnosed, picked up in some high-tuberculosis incidence countries by patients themselves, and even before treatment brings its own costs, the financial toll of tuberculosis has already begun, a representative of the World Health Organization said today. Those costs include medical expenses incurred on the way to the screening and […]