Global health science, funding, policy and the 2016 election . . . We’re reading some of the reasons the world is watching

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NewWWRThe Lancet: U.S. Election 2016 – While much of this Lancet issue focuses on domestic issues, from the Affordable Care Act to the impacts of economic opportunity on well being, it provides a comprehensive overall look at candidates’ approaches to health and health care access, and includes an article by Washington correspondent Susan Jaffe on why U.S. global health leadership hangs on [the] election result.

Presidential Science Debate 2016 – This debate airs issues given little or no time in televised forums with Presidential candidates’ 20 Answers to science challenges covering topics that include research funding, innovation, infectious diseases and vaccination as well as opioid abuse and antibiotic resistance. The approaches to intersections of policy, progress and public health from the leading Presidential contenders, as well as Green Party and Libertarian candidates diverge widely, and in informative ways.

Where they stand: Democrats and Republicans on global development – In another glimpse at topics that received scant mass media coverage, this piece from Devex explores the Republican and Democratic party platforms’ for insights on how their approaches to global health, foreign aid and sexual minorities’ rights could affect equitable and sustainable development worldwide.

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