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Transition 2017: Tillerson confirmed as Secretary of State after divided Senate vote

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The Senate confirmed Rex Tillerson to become Secretary of State on Wednesday after a vote that saw the former chief executive of ExxonMobil receive more opposing votes than any other secretary of state nominee in American history. With a 56-43 vote, three Democrats and one independent joined all 52 Senate Republicans in confirming Tillerson to […]

TB training for just 5 to 9 percent of private pharmacies not enough for public health impact

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The following is a guest post by Emily Demotte Lisinopril 20 mg by mouth at eight AM? Check. Having already verified the patient’s identification, I scanned the medication barcodes into the computer one by one, performing the third, and final, confirmation of the “five rights” of medication administration – right patient, right drug, right dose, […]