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CROI 2017: With free treatment for citizens, but not for immigrants, Botswana sees progress, and evidence of why that progress has stalled

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SEATTLE – On one hand, Botswana stands before the world, and certainly before its nearest neighbors as a model of determined and successful policies that confront one of the largest HIV burdens in the world. With possibly 22 percent of people there living with the virus, the country still is considered close to achieving the UNAIDS 90-90-90 […]

CROI 2017: A story of scientific collaboration, and resistance to travel ban highlight benefits of cross-border research

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SEATTLE – There was a time that when people thought of Zimbabwe, Dr. James Hakim said here Monday night, they thought of Victoria Falls, magnificent wildlife — the “Big Five” — and the graceful curves of Shona stone sculpture. That was before the HIV pandemic exploded in his country amidst crippling economic inflation and political denial that set […]