Science supporters take calls for evidence, investment, progress to streets around the world

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Global health and research champion Sen. Ben Cardin(D-Md.) with staff from the Pediatric Infectious Disease Society, and the Infectious Disease Society of America, which produces this blog, Saturday at the Washington, DC March for Science.

From the rain-soaked National Mall in Washington D.C., to cities across the United States and around the world, on the streets of Cape Town, Kampala, Lagos, Accra, Madrid, London, Geneva, Seoul, Mexico City, Munich, Rio and Rome, and cities across Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, marchers in about 600 events globally stood up for science Saturday, in an Earth Day call for evidence-based investment and action.

With proposed cuts of unprecedented scope to U.S. endeavors spanning the spectrum of scientific concerns, from health to environment, from laboratory research and practice, marchers worldwide called for policies responsive to knowledge and aimed toward progress. The Infectious Disease Society of America, which produces this blog, captured the spirit in Washington, DC here:

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