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Trump’s proposed NIH cuts would extend far beyond U.S. – “We are all together.” That is the value that brought the author of this piece in the Kansas City Star from his home in Missouri to Mauritania to Senegal. Now a physician, he has observed that high rates of cervical cancer, a preventable disease, fall along the fault lines of health access gaps in parts of the U.S. as well as Senegal. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention project, and a grant from the National Institutes of Health Fogarty International Center has supported work that would address the cervical cancer at home and abroad, he writes. A budget reflects values, he notes. The budget proposed by the Trump administration, which would slash CDC funding and eliminate the Fogarty Center, he also notes, reflects values that leave families, communities and countries on their own.

From Panic and Neglect to Investing in Health Security: Financing Pandemic Preparedness at a National Level – An excerpt of Winston Churchill’s Influenza poem introduces this report from the World Bank, serving as a reminder of the long and wide path of destruction a pandemic leaves in its wake. The report examines the capacities and resources needed to detect, prevent and control infectious disease outbreaks and suggests that nations invest in controlling outbreaks with the recognition that the cost of failing to prepare will span their communities and economies.

At Risk: Can funders preserve momentum in the AIDS fight? The short answer is that philanthropic donor dollars can’t fill the gaps the Trump budget proposals and policies, that include slashing funding to PEPFAR, the agencies that support its work, and the Global Fund, as well the expanded Global Gag Rule would leave. But the article, focusing on the role of the 30-year-old Funders Concerned About AIDS in setting research, policy and funding goals, notes that the investment philanthropic foundations make in advocacy now will be critical.


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