Moscow TB meeting declaration gets a civil society makeover and is up for signers

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Individuals and organizations interested in signing on to a civil society version of the Moscow Declaration that could serve as a blueprint for commitments and action toward ending the global impacts of tuberculosis over the next decade and a half have one more day to do so.

The Global Fund Advocates Network worked with members, partners, and representatives of affected populations to edit the “zero declaration” that the World Health Organization posted for feedback June 13. The document is intended to spell out agreed commitments on the part of officials from governments around the world to increase investments, adopt policies, and accelerate responses across sectors to meet international and WHO goals to reduce deaths, incidence, and harms from tuberculosis over the next fifteen years, and ending the global epidemic by 2035. It will be the centerpiece of the Nov. 16 – 17 Moscow WHO Global Ministerial Conference on ending TB, that, in turn will inform next year’s planned United Nations High Level Meeting on TB.

The civil society edit brings changes in style, tone and substance to the original, including asserting the impacts of politics, inequities and insufficient funding on the spread of the disease among the most vulnerable populations, and committing to adapting policies to ensure that tuberculosis care and prevention standards recommended by WHO are followed everywhere. The draft document can be accessed for signature here. The deadline for signatures is 5 pm. EST Thursday June 29.

One thought on “Moscow TB meeting declaration gets a civil society makeover and is up for signers

  1. Muguwa Joseph

    It is wonderful and only humane to have such concerted Global Efforts to combat those diseases. More so, to those of us coming from the Low income countries; where affordability/and or access to the medicines are virtually lacking. To many of us, at least a relative or family person has succumbed to one. I know the pain of being in such a very vulnerable situation. These campaigns at least give us a ray of hope. Thanks a lot.


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