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We’re reading lessons of PEPFAR, and from progress gained and abandoned

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PEPFAR: Oh what good you have done!  From South Africa’s first reported AIDS patient in 1982, to the years when the epidemic filled hospitals and graveyards, to the miraculous but selective deliverance of antiretroviral medicine, to the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, to a White House budget proposal for 2018 that threatens to reverse […]

Advanced illness at HIV treatment start is dropping in some countries surveyed, still seen in a third of new patients

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The prevalence of advanced HIV among people beginning antiretroviral treatment has declined in eight of 10 resource-constrained countries surveyed, while median immune cell counts went up — indicating less weakened immune systems — in six countries, indicating improved access to testing and treatment, but still, about one third of patients starting treatment during the time […]

Tracking patients raises numbers returning to antiretroviral treatment — but tracking the right patients would be better still

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When community health workers went looking for patients who had started antiretroviral treatment but had stopped showing up for care at 14 clinics across Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, 13 percent of those sought returned to treatment. That represented a significant, if still small improvement over the 10 percent who returned for care when no effort […]