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IAS 2017: Knocking down barriers between services and populations facing highest risks, lowest access, takes time, gathers momentum

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PARIS – From a social worker in Botswana who tackles bureaucracies and prejudice to help her clients get the papers, income, and respect they need to access services, to a Kenyan nurse counselor who told an audience that she has learned to put her professional ethics ahead of her “personal and religious values,” to support […]

IAS 2017: Protests take the stage

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PARIS – It wouldn’t be a conference without a protest. For that matter, there wouldn’t be conferences, if there hadn’t been protests. A proud tradition continues here this week, with protesters Tuesday surrounding Global Fund Interim Director Marike Wijnroks as she offered opening remarks at a session with the theme “Treat All.” Raising signs exhorting: […]

IAS 2017: X-DR TB emerges in 1990s in South Africa fueled by HIV

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PARIS – Extensively drug resistant tuberculosis emerged and was widely transmitted in South Africa long before it was spotted by public health surveillance efforts, and at least a decade earlier than the first reported outbreak in 2005, a  presentation Monday showed. The start of the spread was , concurrent with the steep rise in both HIV and […]