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IAS 2017: X-DR TB emerges in 1990s in South Africa fueled by HIV

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PARIS – Extensively drug resistant tuberculosis emerged and was widely transmitted in South Africa long before it was spotted by public health surveillance efforts, and at least a decade earlier than the first reported outbreak in 2005, a  presentation Monday showed. The start of the spread was , concurrent with the steep rise in both HIV and […]

G20 declaration notes TB as reports highlight needs for policy, funding leadership

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“We highlight the importance of fostering R&D, in particular for priority pathogens as identified by WHO and tuberculosis.” G20 Leaders Declaration, Shaping an interconnected world, Hamburg, July 7-8, 2017 In the 15-page declaration G20 leaders produced agreeing to actions toward “building resilience, improving sustainability, and assuming responsibility,” in “an interconnected world,” amidst a brief section […]