What we’re reading: The impacts of science and stigma

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Grateful for progress toward a disease-free world – In a world made smaller by travel, trade, and emerging infections, we’re grateful for physicians and researchers who work together across national borders to build a healthier world. Fogarty International Center Director Roger Glass discusses the progress those partnerships have yielded.

Three decades on, stigma still stymies HIV prevention and treatment – “Stigma happens when disgrace and shame become associated with an attribute, such as being HIV positive,” International AIDS Society President Linda-Gail Bekker writes here. The impact of that stigma is substantial, continuing to keep prevention and treatment measures out of the reach of many people at risk of infection, illness and ongoing transmission, she notes. But, she explains, stigma can be eliminated through informed policies and practices.

U.S. Government could slash funding for microbicide research – This opinion piece from the South Africa health journalism center Bhekisisa argues that the continuing quest for an effective HIV prevention microbicide is not dispensable in a world where “by the time you go to bed tonight,” more than a thousand more women and girls from 10 to 24 will have contracted HIV.

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