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CDC Word Ban? . . . While alarm and outcry over initial reports of “banned words” at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Health and Human Services agencies were sparked not just by the spectre of censorship, but by the perception that a pattern of ignoring science and avoiding evidence was already in play, this Science article is an important addition to responses, because it relies on data.

Trump’s firing sets back AIDS prevention efforts – This article notes that administration officials have cited precedence in the recent dismissal of all remaining President’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS members, but also notes administration actions that already had raised concerns about President Trump’s commitment to evidence-based HIV resopnses, including his proposal to cut $800 million from global HIV/AIDS prevention programs.

People don’t take their pills. Only one thing seems to help – While this article deals with evidence on Americans and medication adherence, the findings it cites seem universal, and important to remember when talking about “defaulting” — affordable drugs are the best medicine.

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