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Letter speaks to evidence against White House policies, cuts and science stances

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An open letter seeking signatures from scientists and clinicians worldwide highlights directives, directions, policies, and proposed funding cuts from the Trump administration with impacts on evidence-based efforts to control and reverse the HIV pandemic. The letter, circulated by Health GAP (Global Access Project), points to the administration’s reinstatement and expansion of the “Mexico City Policy,” […]

How to cut HIV incidence? Researchers do the math and find keeping patients in care is pivotal

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Retaining people with HIV in care and treatment for the virus, as well as successful efforts to re-engage patients who have been in care but no longer are would go the furthest toward cutting the numbers of new infections in the United States in half within the next decade, a modeling study reported in Open […]

Study finds more than half of patients worldwide don’t access HIV treatment until immune systems are severely compromised

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In spite of guidelines and goals, treatment access remains delayed and unequal Data from nearly a million patients starting treatment for HIV across the world over the last decade shows 55 percent of them accessed antiretroviral treatment only after their immune cell — or CD4 — counts had dropped below 200, leaving them extremely vulnerable […]