What we’re reading: An unimaginably bad budget plan, and its impacts . . .

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The Trump Budget’s Effect on HIV: Unimaginably Bad – Dr. Melanie Thompson is Chair of the HIV Medicine Association and principal investigator of AIDS research at the Consortium of Atlanta. As a physician specializing in HIV care she has seen the inequities that fuel the epidemic in Atlanta, Georgia, and the impacts. Here, she enumerates the costs of a White House budget proposal that would add to inequities, and explains why the plan, billed by the Trump administration as “efficient, effective, accountable” would instead be unimaginably bad for our health.

What Do Proposed Budget Cuts Mean For Infectious Diseases – Infectious disease physician Dr. Judy Stone writes here that while she was aware of some of the public health impacts the Trump budget proposals would have, she sought a broader perspective from infectious disease and HIV physician leaders, and learned damage the proposals would do to efforts and research fighting diseases that include Yellow Fever, measles, HIV, as well as emerging pathogens we would be better off finding, before they find us.

For a further breakdown of how the White House plan would be harmful to public health, see statements from the HIV Medicine Association and from the Infectious Diseases Society of America, which produces this blog.

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